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[MUSIC} : IJ Beats - Into Your Soul (@ijbeats)

I was having a chat with a friend last night and on the course of our conversation, I told him that I wonna make something different since I had no project at hand, something different like a genre of music that isn’t common here in Nigeria. So, he suggested that I should try Dubstep Music. Wow! For the three years that I’ve been producing music, I have never tried to make dubstep music, though I enjoy listening to it. Well, since anything is possible, I decided to try. I downloaded a 15 sec acapella (Into your soul) from Royalty Free Loops since I didn’t want to make an empty beat, just to spice it up a lil bit, you know. So, I began my journey. I used Fl Studio 11 for sequencing, mixing and mastering. Before 3am, I was through with sequencing and moved over to post production. It took me a total of 3hrs 49mins to get the job done! I aced it right? Anyway, let me not bore you with my music terminologies, lol. Download the song from the link below and remember to drop your comments and …

A piece of advice to Music Producers

To my fellow upcoming Music producers.
Stick to 1 or at most 2 Digital Audio Workstations. Don't be a Jack of all trades and a Master of None.
Devote your time and master one Music software. Know atleast 95% of it. Maximize its efficiency.
Few weeks ago, I met a producer and in the course of our conversation, he asked how possible it was to produce Highlife Music on FL Studio. I replied, "anything is possible". It depends on how well you know something. That's why it's best to produce music the way it suits you. The first rule of Music production states that " There are no Rules". Just make your music the way it would be acceptable to the people on the receiving end.
I use Fl Studio and i know a lot of tracks produced in Fl studio that topped the charts for a long time.
The more practice you give to yourself, the easier it becomes. Don't wait for inspirations to come before you hit the studio, nah. Go for it.
Work hard, work smart, invest in good s…