How to Write a Great Christian Song

This article shows you how to write Christian lyrics to any tune, no matter what type of music! These step-by-step instructions show you everything you need to write great Christian lyrics. Ready? Let's begin!

Get a general idea of the topic you want to write about. If you have a great idea already, then build off of that. Have an idea before you write the song; it will make it a lot easier!

Write the lyrics with a focus on a certain biblical passage or verse; this will improve the song's content, and keep it grounded in truth.

Try and pick a specific theme or message for the song. Will it tell a story? Will it illustrate a journey, or demonstrate a viewpoint?

Have a sequence ready. Having a general order in which to do things can get your brain working.

Name your song based on the topic or message.


  • Listen to well-known Christian musicians! They are great, and have awesome music which helps sends out the message of God all over the world!
  • If you want to write good Christian songs, you should be spiritual also because otherwise you're just hypocritical to listeners. And how could you possibly write about something you don't know?
  • Use meaningful and sweet words and no slang.
  • Write about how you are feeling. If you're sad write a slow, steady song. If you're happy write a more upbeat song. Every good songwriter has a mixture.
  • Include scripture. Most Christian songs include some, even if it's worded differently.
  • Nothing is too weird. Write it for the Lord. Ask God for help.
  • Write what you believe, don't hold back.
  • You can listen to the sermon your preacher gives Sundays, and write about that putting lines he emphasizes as important lines in your song.
  • The book of Psalms is perfect for building a song off of it.
  • If you can't find an idea, listen to songs you like. Sometimes they can give you ideas, just don't copy the lyrics.
  • Do not plagiarize - it is illegal. If you think your song sounds like another song, play it for other people and see what they think. You can sing it in the same tone but don't plagiarize.

 Things You'll Need
  1. A General Idea
  2. Pencil and Paper (or Computer)
IJ Beats Wishes You All a Happy Sunday Today...


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