·        Always give full effort to your music and push it 100%.
·       *  Hip Hop isn't all about rapping, it also might have a sing verse or a singable hook.
·      *   Never lose hope and stay on top of your game.Such as "Lil Chainz"
·        * Writing songs come at different times sometimes you might take you an entire month to write a new song as to sometimes you can write two in one day.
·       *  Always be real in your music (for example, never say you're going to shoot up the block with your gat, if you don't even own a gun).
·        * Always listen to more and more rappers and their music to hear different styles and help you think of different ideas.
·       *  Never steal lines or you will lose lots of respect in the future.
·        * Don't forget that writing a rap isn't that easy for you to make. So, just try your best, but the least you could do is start off small. Then memorize your raps or make your raps 30 minutes. Or a hour to become better then ever then who knows you will become a real rapper. Such as "LiL Wayne", "T.I", "Jay Z", etc.
·      *  Try not to swear a lot or say any offensive terms like the 'n' word if you want your music to be heard by big audiences.
·       *  Remember that after it's all said and done, it's music. It's not just a way to think you're cool or diss someone.
·        Do not say racial slurs such as the n word
·        * Your songs may be turned down or even laughed at but never let that stop you from doing what you do.



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