Tips on Writing Good R&B Songs

If you are interested in R&B, you had come to the right place. R&B is a great style of music and there are a lot of great R&B artists contribute to this style. You can be one of them.


Decide on a tempo. Do you want a nice club type song, a more pop like melody, or a nice sexy slow jam.

Decide on the type. Are you more interested in a club banger, a nice pop type song, maybe a soul or gospel crossover, or some hip-hop influences to it. You can also try crossing country or jazz

  1. 3
    Create a catchy melody or chord progression. This usually gets the ball rolling. You can add a little glimpse of the chorus in the intro, especially you are making a pop influenced song. It will be nice if you use a synth pad for the chord progression, unless it is a club hit, then you use a rythmic synth lead sound. In rythmic tracks, synth pad could be used in chorus and bridge.
  2. 4
    Add a bass and drum line. Try to keep the bass and drum with the tempo, mood, and style. You can add more intricate rhythmic and melodic effects later, but don't mess with the bass.
  3. 5
    Add some other stuff to the song depending on the genre. If it is soul influence, try adding some brass and some gospel organ. If it is a more club influence, try having a more bouncy hip-hop effect to it with some more modern drum effects and synth leads. If it is pop influence, try adding some synthetic effect and corporate sounding pop elements and pop song structure.
  4. 6
    Think of a hook. Try to get something that sums up the idea of the song and think of a melody that sticks in the head.
  5. 7
    Write the first verse. Try to make the instrumental minimalist and not as intricate as the chorus or bridge, to allow vocal effects. The second verse can add some layers for variation.
  6. 8
    If the first verse is done, try to make the rest like a story.
  7. 9
    Add a bridge if you like. A bridge might be a great time to add a rap, take away the drums, or add intricate harmonies and chord progressions.


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