My New FL Studio Mobile

Hi guys, how are y’all doing this Sunday? Look at what I’ve got today… [Drum Rolls]…

“FL STUDIO MOBILE” App…Wow. And that’s quality app.

I’ve been seeing this app on google play store for some time now and I was always like: “ugh, this is ‘mobile edition’ and most times, mobile editions of Pc programs suck big time”. So, I decided to check it out tho. Got it for $14.99 anyway and right now I’ll say that FL Studio mobile isn’t what I expected. It’s way MORE than what I expected and I officially recommend this app to y’all music producers who always wonna make beats on the go.

Well, I suck at making reviews cos if I really have to review this app, it will be all positive except you want to install it on a sh*tty android phone. With a nice user interface; though complicated a lil bit, loads of instruments (synths, drum kits, keys, pads, leads, woodwinds etc.), cool mixing knobs, a step sequencer, piano roll and other cool stuff; just check it out. It’s indeed a badass app.

I tried to make one ‘Pangolo’ beat (what Nigerian artists call crazy party beats) on it this afternoon loll. Screenshots below:

 That’d be all for today. I'll be giving out this app to the first 5 requests for free. Do like and message me on my Facebook page now. Thank you.

Time to make more quality music!


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